Alfaxan (10mg/ ml Alphaxalone)

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Alfaxan (10mg/ml Alphaxalone) for Dogs & Cats


Alfaxan is an injectable steroid anaesthetic for use in dogs and cats and can be used as an induction agent prior to gaseous anaesthesia, or as a sole anaesthetic agent for examination or surgical procedures.

In surgical anaesthesia produced by Alfaxan, there is good relaxation of the abdominal muscles, and respiration is usually well maintained.There may be a transient decrease in arterial blood pressure in the initial stages of anaesthesia. In dogs, a short transient period of apnoea may occur at the time of induction, especially if the drug is administered as a rapid bolus injection.

Recovery is usually uneventful, and at the recommended dose rate for surgical anaesthesia the animal would be expected to recover to sternal recumbency within 60 to 80 minutes. The intramuscular route is useful to induce sedation in the cat to facilitate handling, detailed clinical examination and any procedure that requires a high degree of restraint rather than complete surgical anaesthesia. 

Some degree of variability may be experienced when using Alfaxan by the intramuscular route, but this can be minimised by ensuring the injection is given by deep intramuscular injection. The quadriceps muscle mass is suggested as a suitable injection site. Alfaxan does not cause tissue irritation after perivascular or intramuscular injection.



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