BUSTER Body Suit Classic for Dogs (Post Operative Care)

Order Code: 273968

The soft and comfortable BUSTER Body Suit is used as protection and comfort after surgery or in case of skin disease. 
It is an ideal solution for patients recovering from surgery or minor injuries or have tender areas caused by excessive licking, biting or chewing.


BUSTER Body Suits are perfect for
• Postoperative care
• Wound care
• Spay/neuter recovery
• Hot spots and other skin ailments
• In cases of skin diseases
• Incontinence, urogenital or perianal issues
• In season


Features and Benefits of the BUSTER Body Suit
• Comfortable, soft and flexible
• Freedom of movement
• Easy fitting and removal
• Press studs for more security
• Made from cotton/elastane


Body Suit Classic for Dogs
• Double fabric under the abdomen enabling pads to be inserted
in case of fluid loss, incontinence or when the animal is in season.
• Undo press studs and touch fasteners and pull back the fabric and
roll up the fabric under the abdomen and above the back when nature calls.
• It is suitable for bitches and male dogs


Order Code:

273968    Size: XXXS

273973    Size: L


Packing Per Unit:  1 pc
Order Unit(s):  1 pc


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