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K-Laser CUBE 4 VET

Order Code: Cube 4 Vet-15W

K-Laser Cube VET for all the species, sharp and chronic pathologies treated with

• Treatment of sharp and chronic pain 
• Sealing of surgical wounds 
• Regeneration and sealing of traumatic wounds borne by soft tissues 
• Regeneration and sealing of infected lesion borne by soft tissues 
• Healing and sealing of indolent ulcers
• Treatment of lick granulomas 

• Treatment of infections borne by perianal sacs 
• Healing of bone fractures after surgical operation 
• Treatment of musculoskeletal pain, both sharp and chronic Treatment of complex otitis 

• Treatment of onychomycosis 


• 4 Wavelengths:





• 15W CW

 20W ISP

• Distal with Protection

• N. 2 Glasses for Doctor Set  3 Glasses for VET

• Warranty:   2 years

• Optical zoom with Standard Lens made in Italy


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