Allergy Test

Sample handling procedure

Step 1
Collect 3-5ml of serum in the container provided. And contact Alfamedic for collection.
(at least 1.5ml)

Step 2
Alfamedic will send the samples to Spectrum Veterinary in USA for SPOT test (Modified ELISA test) on 91 allergens.
(Asia Pacific Regional panel includes, Grasses, Weeds, Trees, Fungi, Epidermals, House Dust, Foods, Indoor, Insects, Flea, Staph & Malassezia)

Step 3
A report will be generated with a customized allergy profile. For food allergies a recommendation is included of foods (dry/ canned/ treat) available from major pet food manufacturers.

Step 4
A specific treatment set (3 vials) for hyposensitization /(1 vial) sublingual can be ordered for those specialised allergens tested except food, Staph's & Indoor allergens.
Treatment set comes with an Allergy Treatment diary.

For more information, please visit: http://spectrum.vet


Test Report

Treatment set