Alfaxan (Alfaxalone) 10mg/ml for Dogs & Cats, MULTIDOSE
Order Code: 520400

Alfaxan Multidose contains the active ingredient alfaxalone in an aqueous solution with a pH of 6.5-7.  It is registered for use in dogs and cats for both the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia and now comes with a preserved system that reduces the risk of microbial contamination.


Active Constituent(s)

10 mg/mL Alfaxalone



Alfaxan Multidose is an injectable steroid anaesthetic for use in dogs and cats. Alfaxan Multidose can be used:

- As an induction agent prior to gaseous anaesthesia, or

- As a sole anaesthetic agent for the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia for the performance of examination or surgical procedures.




 Induction Dose 



Dogs: 2 mg/kg

Cats: 5 mg/kg



Dogs: 3 mg/kg

Cats: 5 mg/kg


 Maintenance Dose 



Dogs: 6-7 mg/kg/hr (0.10-0.12 mg/kg/minute)

Cats: 7-8 mg/kg/hr (0.11-0.13 mg/kg/minute)



Dogs: 8-9 mg/kg/hr (0.13-0.15 mg/kg/minute)

Cats: 10-11 mg/kg/hr (0.16-0.18 mg/kg/minute)



Packing Per Unit: 20ml/ bottle

Order Unit: 1 bottle


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