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Manuka Safe - Manuka Honey Spray 10ml

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A new innovation Natural Wound Care Product for Cats and Dogs, Rapid Healing Spray for Topical Wounds, Safe for All Animals Great for Sore Paws and Skin Irritation.


SPEEDS UP HEALING: The cat and dog natural healing spray quickly dries to form a protective barrier over the wound, preventing any further contamination or infection.


100% PURE, NATURAL MANUKA HONEY: The Manuka Honey Spray for dogs and cats is 100% natural from Manuka trees grown in New Zealand. Manuka honey has been used for years as a natural way to heal wounds. What makes ours different, and better, is that we’ve formulated a Manuka honey spray that is safe for animals.


EASY TO APPLY: This unique and innovative pump action spray means quiet application to the affected area. Simply spray the honey directly onto any minor cut or wound and let dry. Use up to 3 times a day. Can also be sprayed into your pet’s mouth to treat ulcers, sores and sore throats.


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Packing Per Unit: 10ml/ bottle

Order Unit: 1 bottle


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