Butomidor(Butorphanol) 10mg/ml Injection
Order Code: Butomidor

(Butorphanol) 10mg/ml


Active Ingredient:



Butomidor is recognized as an essential part of modern pain management
in pre-emptive analgesia, post-traumatic and post-surgical analgesia. It can
be easily combined with many other analgesics and anaesthetics.


A synthetic opioid agonist/ antagonist with potent analgesic and moderate sedative properties.
Butorphanol exhibits partial agonist and antagonist activity at the μ-opioid receptor, as well as partial agonist activity at the ĸ-opioid receptor. Because of its ĸ-agonist activity, at analgesic doses butorphanol increases pulmonary arterial pressure and cardiac work. Additionally, ĸ-agonism can cause dysphoria at therapeutic or supertherapeutic doses; this gives butorphanol a lower potential for abuse than other opioid drugs.



Packing Per Unit:    10 ml/ bot
Order Units:    1 bot

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